99 Women (1969)

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DIRECTOR– Jess Franco

PLOT– Ridiculously pretty criminals are shipped to a corrupt prison island and endure sadistic cruelty at the hands of the female warden. An inspector comes to the prison in order to clean up the dirty politics… she does not succeed.


  1. Prisoners who look like Victoria Secret models
  2. Evil Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus
  3. Prison-issued garters and stockings
  4. Sweaty Italians
  5. The worst tropical island vacation ever


  1. Jess Franco directed over 200 hundred films in his career. This film is #24.
  2. The Catholic Church declared Franco one of the most dangerous filmmakers ever.
  3. Even though Jess Franco’s films have a huge cult following, the director has stated many times he despises his own films.
  4. The star of 99 Women, Maria Schell, is the sister of Hollywood legend Maximilian Schell.

CONCLUSION99 Women was an early example of the women-in-prison style popular in grindhouses and drive-ins everywhere. However, it does not come close to being a prime example of the genre. It lacks the audacity of the Ilsa films. It lacks the camp of Chained Heat. It certainly lacks the style of The Big Bird Cage. It’s a really slow-moving film that features some beautiful women… so watch it if you’re into that.

Prison life looks rough.