Angels Revenge (1979)

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RATING– ✮✮✮✮

DIRECTOR– Greydon Clark

PLOT– A passionate high school teacher (Jacqulin Cole) discovers drugs being dealt to her students. With much anger, she organizes an all-girl all-star hit team composed of a Las Vegas lounge singer, a ninja, a police secretary, a basketball player, and an ex-con model. This mega-team decides to design costumes, build a van, torture white supremacists, and generally disrupt the drug trafficking business in their town. Soon, Mr. Bigshot Drug Kingpin (Peter Lawford) finds out and wages an all out war on the super female vigilantes.


  1. Evel Knievel jumpsuits
  2. panel vans
  3. bra-free acting
  4. Hitler in suspenders
  5. Jack Palance driving Cadillacs
  6. Las Vegas dinner shows

REVIEW– If you’ve ever thought “Boy, I love the A-Team. But Mr. T looks terrible in hot-shorts!”. Well, my friend, Angels Revenge is the movie for you.

There’s a team of do-gooders fighting bad guys. There are explosions everywhere. There’s even a tricked out, bazooka-ladened van with a turret. But it isn’t grizzled ol’ George Peppard sucking on a cigar in this flick. It’s a Vegas showgirl in a skin-tight Elvis onesie kickin’ butt while disco music plays in the background.

Sounds awesome, right?

Strangely, it is. Not much story. Not much acting. Not one line of dialogue in this movie is delivered with any credibility. Yet somehow, in the end, it delivers exactly what it set out to do.

Living with each other for so long, both Ruth and Sue’s bad-hair days had synchronized.

FUN FACT– Sisters Robin and Liza Greer co-star in Angels Revenge. Both had very brief, minor careers in Hollywood. However, they were apparent mainstays in the seedy hush-hush world of casting couches and manipulative sex-depraved producers. Both consulted on the infamous book You’ll Never Make Love In This Town Again… an extreme tell-all book of the corrupt, sexually abusive system that pervaded Hollywood in the ’70s and ’80s. Far from the #MeToo movement of today, these women seem to almost relish in the fact they were on the fringes of superstardom, even if it was only in the bedroom fringes.