Barbarella (1968)

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DIRECTOR– Roger Vadim

PLOT– In the distant future, the President of Earth has learned that a lost scientist named Durand Durand is seeking a weapon for unknown reasons. He summons a sexy space-traveler named Barbarella and sends her to find Durand Durand. She has trouble with her stabilizers and crashes on an icy planet where she’s attacked by children, eaten by puppets, and has sexy-time with a man dressed in a gorilla suit.

She fixes her ship and takes off again… only to immediately crash on the same planet again. This time, she meets a gay angel who lost his sight and immediately has sex with him.

They fly to the capital to find Durand Durand. Instead, they find a one-eyed lesbian. After being trapped in a disco club with a deadly liquid beneath the floor, they are captured by The Great Tyrant.

The Great Tyrant is quite attracted to the gay angel, so she crucifies him. This does not sit well with the gay angel and he spurns The Great Tyrant’s sexual advances.

However, the gay angel forgives The Great Tyrant and joins with her and Barbarella to fight Durand Durand… who has turned bad.

… I think.


  1. Jane Fonda in see-through costumes
  2. Jane Fonda not in see-through costumes
  3. Angels who love Judy Garland movies
  4. Space-jargon nonsense
  5. Bird’s nest sex

REVIEW– Here’s what Barbarella is really about… getting Jane Fonda into some skimpy costumes, and then getting Jane Fonda out of those skimpy costumes.

The plot is almost indecipherable. Something about a former scientist from Earth lost out in space. Jane Fonda is sent to find him.

Some characters act bad for no apparent reason. They also utter complete nonsense throughout… which makes listening to this film a real chore.

Watching Barbarella is another story altogether.

The sets are spectacular. The costumes are also spectacular. Jane Fonda seems to strut around in each new outfit she’s thrown into (although, she never stays in one for long).

And speaking of Jane Fonda… at one point in the film, she is asked if she is a typical female. She answers that she’s “average”.

Let me tell you something… Jane Fonda is most certainly not “average”.

The film is quite confusing when you listen to the dialogue… so here’s my advice: Turn down the volume on your TV, turn up the volume on your favorite music, and enjoy the parade of flesh and fantasy that parades across the screen.

Oh… and there’s not one scene with Simon Le Bon in it. What’s up with that?!?

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