Biohazard (1985)

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RATING– ✮✮✮✮

DIRECTOR– Fred Olen Ray

PLOT– During a military experiment, a sexy psychic (Angelique Pettyjohn) accidentally brings a deadly alien to earth. After it escapes and kills a few folks, the seductive psychic teams up with a young disgraced government agent (William Fair) to capture the dangerous


  1. casual Friday in the US Army
  2. electricians who take baths with sneakers on
  3. drooling alien dwarf lobsters
  4. government agents who have no idea what a hammer is
  5. platinum blonde cougar cross-eyed psychics
  6. platinum blonde cougar cross-eyed psychic home-cooks in sexy lingerie
  7. platinum blonde cougar cross-eyed psychic home-cooks in sexy lingerie telephone operators

REVIEWBiohazard was directed by B-movie savant Fred Olen Ray. And just like so many of his productions, you will have a good time while watching. In fact, this is probably one of his best. The film stars the slightly past her due date Angelique Pettyjohn, many years removed from her starring role opposite Elvis in Clambake. She dawns a blonde wig and struts around semi-nude in some lingerie more appropriate for someone a few years younger. However, she still plays the sexy damsel in distress (and undressed) with enough gusto that fans of hers will certainly enjoy the film. Additionally, Hollywood veteran Aldo Ray also makes a small appearance as a grumpy army general (also, many years removed from his starring role opposite John Wayne in The Green Berets). Thankfully, Mr. Ray stays dressed throughout his part.The ending is really something to see. Funny, thrilling, disturbing, and out of left field… I’m not sure if it is genius or if the producers just simply ran out of money, but it’s unforgettable for sure.Overall, it’s a poorly scripted alien adventure film that succeeds mostly because everybody seems to be having a great time making the silly thing.

FUN FACTBiohazard stars Angelique Pettyjohn. Ms. Pettyjohn started out in the film business with some minor roles in “nudie” films of the 1960’s. The Touch of Her Flesh and The Love Rebellion both premiered in 1967 as well as Professor Lust. Then, suddenly, Angelique is cast in a starring role opposite one of the biggest stars in history… Elvis Presley. She played the part of Gloria, a tempting piece of eye-candy for Elvis. Ms. Pettyjohn must’ve thought her Hollywood star was about to skyrocket. Unfortunately, only small bit parts featuring her ample figure followed (one of her more memorable parts was as a supremely sexy alien in Star Trek). She supplemented these small parts with a life as a burlesque queen in Las Vegas, appearing in Barry Ashton’s burlesque show at the Silver Slipper Gambling Hall and Saloon. She was later a showgirl in Vive Paris Vive at the Aladdin Hotel. She also participated in the Maxim Hotel and Casino Burlesque Show and in 1978 was associated with Bob Mitchell and Miss Nude Universe in “True Olde Tyme Burlesque” at the Joker Club. But the lure of easy money from more explicit films was too much. She ended up doing a few hardcore films in the early 80’s. Later in life, she became a fixture at some of the first sci-fi conventions.

Angelique Pettyjohn brings Kirk to his knees!