Blood of Dracula (1957)

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DIRECTOR– Herbert L. Strock

PLOT– Nancy Perkins is a bad, yet innocent girl. She even tries to kill herself, her father, and his sassy new wife on the way to boarding school… but quickly regrets her decision and shares a cigarette with the family…

Some Uber drivers deserve a low rating

Her new school, the Sherwood School For Girls, is a fun place… the girls like to have pillow fights, play music, dance, participate in gang activity, and have sex with Eddie, the ginchiest gardener this side of the passion pit, Daddy-O…

But it’s not all fun and games and gangs and sex at Sherwood School For Girls. Oh no… A science teacher, Mrs. Branding, has gone all Frankenstein and is playing with the forces of nature.

In Nancy she sees a perfect girl for her experiments.

She invites Nancy to be hypnotized…

Yes Sarah, you're necklace is so so pretty

…and unleashes a monster on the school!

Every time Nancy loses her temper, she becomes something… well… unnatural.

At the secret dance that evening, Nancy turns into a vampire and attacks a fellow Sherwood School For Girls student…

Jenny just realized there is ANOTHER hour of the Today Show

She screams a lot… It’s horrible!

Oh, the humanity!

The local police are summoned and Mike, the dashing young assistant coroner (yep… not the coroner… the assistant coroner) suspects a blood-sucker is loose at the school. His colleagues do not agree.

The girls, overcome with grief at the murder of a friend, decide to have a Halloween scavenger hunt party at the cemetery (because who has time to mourn a dear sister’s murder when you can P-A-R-T-Y!!!!)

Nancy turns into a vampire again and kills two more students…

The cat farted

The police are desperate and decide to give a lie detector test to Nancy. Thanks to Mrs. Branding, Nancy lies her way through the test with flying colors.

Glenn, Nancy’s dark-eyed boyfriend from back home, suddenly shows up and confronts her about her lack of letters.

He’s lonely man!

After she responds that she’s “sorry”, Glenn attempts a little hot & steamy sexy-time with Nancy in the front seat of his automobile…

Definitely not social-distancing

***due to the explicit nature of their kissing, kids and the elderly should probably look away at this moment in the film***

Instead of getting little happy tickles in the groin area, Nancy feels the urge to suck the blood out of her boyfriend… and it disgusts her.

She runs to Mrs. Branding’s room and asks the teacher to release her from the grotesque experiment. Instead, Mrs. Branding attempts to hypnotize Nancy into a vampire one more time… with dire consequences…

Nancy turns her raw fury onto Mrs. Branding and they tussle…

No Sarah, you can't borrow my scarf

Nancy falls directly onto an end table that somehow has a spike sticking out of it.

Isn’t that convenient?

Mrs. Branding, alone now that Nancy has died, somehow is strangled by her necklace.

Isn’t that even more convenient?

The police break in just to see the two dead on the floor.

The end.


  1. Car accidents can be corrected by some good ol’ fashioned child abuse
  2. If your name is Eddie and your a gardener, you’re gonna need to invest in a boatload of prophylactics
  3. If your teacher encourages you to take drugs, you might want to go to a different school

REVIEW– The thing about a movie that titled itself Blood of Dracula is that it probably should have Dracula in it…

Yeah, it doesn’t.

Or maybe it should have a vampire in more than half the movie…

Nope. Blood of Dracula doesn’t have a vampire show up at about the 51st minute of a 69-minute film.

I’ll tell you what the horror film Blood of Dracula does have… teen girls talking.

Lots of teen girls gabbing on and on about boys and clothes and music and parties and school and mean teachers and science experiments and joining gangs and sex with gardeners.

And if that isn’t scary enough, they throw in dance number sung by a less-threatening, more parent-friendly version of Pat Boone (if that’s even possible).

That, my friends, is horror with a capital ‘H‘.

Those things would make any movie terrible… right?

Blood of Dracula is good, though.

It takes itself so seriously… and absolutely none of it is serious… that it becomes a caricature of itself. Every action, every word, every attempt at thrills… is bloated and overdone to the point of being comical.

It’s just a funny flick… and that’s why you should see it.

Practicing safe-sex was a lot different in the 1950s.