Death Ship (1980)

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DIRECTOR– Alvin Rakoff

PLOT– After being rammed and sunk by a ghostly freighter, a cruise ship captain (George Kennedy), his first mate (Richard Crenna) and a few passengers board a life raft and set adrift. Soon they encounter the same freighter and climb aboard. Bad things start to happen… ghostly possessions, poltergeist activity, plumbing mishaps… bad things!


  1. wet uniforms
  2. George Kennedy
  3. Nazi ghosts
  4. bad cruises
  5. rust
  6. kids with bladder problems

REVIEWThe Love Boat sailed from 1977-1987. It promised something for everyone. Mainly love. But also glamorous guest stars, adorable captains, gorgeous cruise directors, gophers and Charo’s.

Death Ship offers none of that. Not even a lovable Ship Doctor. In fact, if you visit this ship’s doctor, I would suggest not mentioning you have gold fillings. You see, Nazi ghosts run this ship and although WWII ended decades ago, these high-seas Nazis aren’t quite done torturing the poor folks who board their ship.

The film plugs along for 91 minutes. Quite a bit of it is good fun (if you can call Nazi Death Ships “fun”). George Kennedy and Richard Crenna are wonderfully over-the-top and keep you at least halfway interested in the story, even though the ending is quite predictable.

FUN FACT– Richard Crenna, who plays First Mate Trevor Marshall, is maybe most famous for playing Sylvestor Stallone’s commanding officer in the first three films of the Rambo franchise. However, he was a last-minute replacement… literally. Kirk Douglas was originally cast in that part and even appeared in early promotions. However, the day before shooting started, he was fired after he demanded to rewrite the ending of the film to have Rambo die.

Also… there is probably no truth behind the rumor that Richard Crenna invented tartar sauce.

Commies aren’t invited to Stallone’s gun show!