Devil Girl From Mars (1954)

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DIRECTOR– David Macdonald

PLOT– A Martian dominatrix (Patricia Laffan) lands in a Scottish village hoping to kidnap some men to repopulate her planet. A professor (Peter Reynolds), a newspaper writer (Hugh McDermott), and a 6-year-old kid (Anthony Richmond) must pull together to stop her from emasculating earth.


  1. Scottish murderers in love
  2. not-stuck-up, really nice fashion models
  3. mustache growing advice
  4. Martians who hate the disabled
  5. xenomorphs In leather miniskirts

REVIEWDevil Girl From Mars doesn’t quite work. It’s not quite a science fiction thriller… the film is mostly a bunch of people making plans. It’s not quite a romantic drama… the passion on screen is as hot as milk left out overnight. And it’s not quite a political piece… the most polarizing statement in Devil Girl From Mars is “nuclear war is bad”. Where Devil Girl From Mars works is when Patricia Laffan (who plays the wild woman from Mars) is on screen.

She’s a bad momma in slick black leather! She’s a man-eating, fetish-inducing Amazon in cow skin! She’s a tough-talking’ alien come to Earth to establish some wicked feminine domination!

She dislikes men. Yet she can’t survive without them. In fact, her whole mission is based on the need for men. That’s probably why she is so passionate in her belittling of every earthly male human she encounters.
I think it’s a safe bet that anyone who has ever searched Google for “femdom” will find this movie rather exciting. For the rest of you, probably not so much.

FAULTY FACTSDevil Girl From Mars is a film about a UFO landing in Scotland. Maybe the most famous incident of other-worldly visitors visiting the Bonnie Isle is known as The Robert Taylor Incident.

On November 9, 1979 sometime between 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Taylor, who was at the time working for the Livingston Development Corporation, parked his pickup truck at the side of a road with the intention of examining the progress of some saplings in the forest. Being unable to access the forest by truck, Taylor and his dog made their way into the forest on foot along one of the forest paths that lead up the side of Dechmont Law. Upon entering a clearing approximately 350 yards away from his truck, Taylor saw what he described as a large domed object totally motionless and silent hovering above the forest floor. He estimated the object to be about 20 feet in diameter.

As he watched it, what resembled two WWII sea mines dropped from beneath the object and rolled towards him. Just before they reached him a burning smell, like burning brake lines, flooded the area and he heard a loud swishing noise. The “mines” rolled across the grass and rods came out of them, which attached themselves to his hips and began to pull him towards the object. At this point he lost consciousness. When he came to, the objects were gone.
The mystery of what happened to Taylor on that chilly November morning 40 years ago is one that has baffled all who have examined the case – including the police, who keep the file open and consider it “unexplained”.

Aunt Delilah would often borrow my Roy Rodgers’ Real Rawhide Snappin’ Whip.