Dr. Alien (1989)

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DIRECTOR– David DeCoteau

PLOT– An alien biology teacher (Judy Landers) injects an experimental serum into a nerdy student (Billy Jayne) causing a fleshy sex organ to protrude from the top of his head. Suddenly, he’s able to impress every girl he meets except for the only girl he wants.


  1. Creep-O-Zoids as part of a complete breakfast
  2. “popping your cookies”
  3. drug testing on teenagers
  4. biology professors in corsets
  5. sex at the hotdog stand
  6. hideous fleshy antennae

REVIEW– Watching Judy Landers in a movie is like a moth drawn to a flame… the moth knows it’s a really, really bad idea but the poor insect can’t turn away.

Dr. Alien is a pretty terrible movie. It tries really hard to be an 80’s teenage sex comedy. Only problem is, it’s not funny. Not at all.
In fact, it’s kinda sad.

It makes you realize how talented Mathew Broderick, Michael J. Fox, Ralph Macchio, John Cryer, Corey Haim, and Anthony Michael Hall, truly were. All of their films were at least slightly entertaining.

This film… nope.

But I gave this movie 2 stars…why? Judy Landers! She’s a national treasure… in the same way that Footlong Hotdogs, TV’s Wheel Of Fortune, and Jorts are national treasures.I’m guessing Ms. Landers is a plastic/real-life version of what a backwoods swap-meet guy looks for in women: Oddly blonde… Exaggerated curves… Mousey voice… IQ below 15.

But here’s the weird part… It works…


It’s who Judy Landers is. By design or by nature, it’s hard to imagine Judy Landers any other way. Dr. Alien definitely isn’t her best work. In fact, it’s downright terrible. But anything with Judy Landers is worth watching simply because she’s in it.

FAULTY FACTS– Let’s be real… you came here for Judy Landers.

She acts, therefore we watch. She lives, therefore we dream. I get it. We all merely revolve around the world of Judy Landers.

So here you go… Judy “Glorious” Landers:

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You’re welcome