Equinox (1970)

Spread the weird


DIRECTOR– Jack Woods

PLOT– Two couples on a double date stumble across a crazy hillbilly, with an eccentric sense of humor, in a long lost state park cave. He guards a Satanic book. Unknown to them, the park ranger is Satan himself and he wants his book back.


  1. Groovy Marsha Brady hair
  2. Groovy Marsha Brady outfits
  3. Groovy Marsha Brady Satanic rituals
  4. Evil park rangers
  5. WKRP in Cincinnati


  1. Dennis Muren was the special effects artist (and uncredited director) for this extremely low budget film. He went on to win an Oscar for his work on Star Wars.
  2. A young Frank Bonner plays “Jim” in the film. You may recognize Mr. Bonner from his iconic role of “Herb Tarlek” from the 70’s hit TV show WKRP in Cincinnati.
  3. Ed Begley Jr. was the cameraman for the film.
  4. Dennis Curren started the film as a college project. It took 2 1/2 years to finish.

CONCLUSION– It’s a fun look back at the wild hippie generation of student films. Also, there’s some very good claymation work and filmmaking techniques like forced perspective. Throw in a creepy old man in a cave that has the best cackle in film history, and you’ve got a fairly decent, if slow in parts, movie.

That trout put up one heck of a fight.