Girl in Gold Boots (1968)

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RATING– ✮✮✮½

DIRECTOR– Ted V. Mikels

PLOT– A naive young waitress decides to leave her abusive job and follow her dreams of becoming a world famous go-go dancer in Los Angeles. Along the way, she meets a no-good grifter and a draft dodger with a heart of gold. The newly formed trio, broke and barely scraping by, fight off a biker gang, have lunch, and spend quality time together on the beach.


  1. Metallic Mini Skirts As the title of the film suggests, this thing is chock full of fab chicks in some far-out threads, baby! “Drop the downer bean wagon and trip on over to the groovy pad with your skirt for an outta sight experience.”* *2000’s translation: “Have a good time”
  2. Horrible Hippie Music Seriously, this movie has a terrible soundtrack. Mainly because the title song (creatively titled “Girl in Gold Boots”) is played over and over and over and over and over. There’s a part in the film, about an hour into it, where the frontman for the house band hears a drifter picking some random awkward notes on a guitar. He immediately exclaims “I like it!” and wants to use it in a show… because the house band literally knows ONE song before that. And they play it over and over and over and over and over.
  3. Weird Dune Buggy’s A scene that’s truly baffling takes place when the penniless group trying to get to Los Angeles somehow makes it to the beach before reaching the city. I don’t claim to be a cartographer, but I believe it goes, in geographic order, Pacific Ocean-Los Angeles-Everywhere Else In America! So reaching the ocean first while trying to get to Los Angeles… how? Anyway, the scene just gets more bizarre. There’s a Banana Splits style montage where two of our trio laugh wildly in a dune buggy up and down the beach, while the smiling third member of the trio sits intimately on a blanket with someone we’ve never seen before… Where did this fourth guy come from?? Why is he so familiar with this group?? Where in the hell did they get money for a dune buggy?? Why can’t fourth guy get a ride??
  4. Drug Dealing, 60’s Style I don’t know why a drug-dealing subplot exists in this movie, but there is one. Some might say it’s there to show how “bad” the villains are. But really, it’s already quite apparent how nasty they are from all the misogynistic abuse. More likely, it exists to pad out the 94-minute runtime.
  5. Girl in (Things Other Than) Gold Boots You would think with a title Girl in Gold Boots and a theme song called “Girl in Gold Boots” that’s played incessantly throughout the film, hammering home the themes: “Girl” and “Gold Boots”… you would think there would be loads of girls in gold boots. You’d be wrong. They do show up… for almost 7 minutes. Gold is expensive, so maybe the budget didn’t allow for much more.

Listen, this movie is worth a look. Yes, just like all B-movies, it has its boring parts and its incoherent parts and its dune buggy parts. But the silly dialogue, the 60’s go-go style, and the overall nostalgia make it a fun watch.

Girl ✔ Gold Boots ✘