Hobgoblins (1988)

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RATING– ✮✮✮½

DIRECTOR– Rick Sloane

REVIEW– Crazy telepathic puppet hobgoblins from the 1950s have invaded a Hollywood movie studio. That’s the premise of Hobgoblins

Unfortunately, that’s about as far as the writer developed the story. From there it kinda falls apart as quickly as Charlie Sheen’s sobriety. 

When the night watchman sees that these psychotic alien puppets are using mind control to destroy the lives of everyone on the lot, he decides to do the smart thing… stick them in a closet. He doesn’t alert authorities to the evil extraterrestrials. He doesn’t take matters into his own hands and kill the murderous puppets. He doesn’t warn everybody to stay away from those tiny little wicked balls of fur. He just rounds them up and shoves them in a closet. 

Heck, he doesn’t even lock the closet door. 

As a consequence, some poor temp, simply trying to make enough money to have a date with his abusive girlfriend, accidentally lets the otherworldly puppets out to terrorize a nightclub. Why the hairy aliens couldn’t just open the door themselves, isn’t explained. Presumably, it is to provide more screen time for little hairy marionette mayhem.

The hobgoblins’ iniquitous plan is to give their victims their hearts’ desire… which always seems to involve removing some or all of their clothes and gyrate to some really dull music by 80s supergroup The Fontanelles (yeah, I’ve never heard of them either… but trust the filmmakers, they’re a supergroup).

All of this ends in chaos and death… it’s a blast!

Troy practiced daily with his hoe in case the gardeners tried to start some crap.