Joysticks (1983)

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DIRECTOR– Greydon Clark

PLOT– Joseph Rutter (Joe Don Baker) decides that the local video arcade is a bad influence on his daughter Patsy (Corinne Bohrer) and the community. In order to shut it down, he employs his idiot nephews, the town board, and a punk named King Idiot (Jon Greis). The local kids fight back the only way they know how… with teenage hijinks.


  1. gamers ver. 1.0
  2. spandex… lots of spandex
  3. pac-man panties
  4. Corinne Bohrer
  5. panel vans a’rockin!

REVIEWJoysticks is a teenage sex comedy. Fast Times At Ridgemont High is a teenage sex comedy.

That’s about all those two films have in common.

We here at love us some Corinne Bohrer (a forgotten treasure from those wacky ’80s).

One of our guilty pleasures… Corinne Bohrer

But Joysticks just isn’t that fun (even with Ms. Bohrer in about 90% of the scenes). It tries hard. Real hard. Lots of innuendos, lots of awkward situations, lots of farting. Typical of this type of film. But it just falls flat most of the time. It’s a fun ride down video-game-memory-lane, but that’s about it.

Gary would have started playing miniature golf long before now if he had realized how much fun it was.

FAULTY FACTS– Corinne Bohrer introduced the world to the failed McDonald’s Shanghai Chicken Nuggets back in 1986. It came with chopsticks and a “McFortune Cookie”… No kidding.

McDonald’s second-worst decision ever… (lookin’ at you, McRib)