Lovely But Deadly (1981)

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DIRECTOR– David Sheldon

PLOT– A Kung fu master cheerleader (Lucinda Dooling) is sick and tired of drugs ruining her friends, family, and cheer squad. Posing as a party girl looking for a good time, she mounts a one-woman campaign to destroy the narcotic empire of the local discount retail store tycoon (Richard Herd).


  1. shipping company soft-rock superstars
  2. fencing gangs
  3. cheerleader peer pressure
  4. trips with Captain Magic
  5. margaritas enjoying a sunset
  6. concerts in history class
  7. leopard print karate clubs

REVIEWLovely But Deadly is a strange film. Most of the reviews we do are strange films, so I guess that’s not saying much. But the script really stands out with this one. It’s like an after-school special/educational film.

Except with nudity and lots of violence.

One minute, we’re being told how “bad” drugs and gangs are. The next, a topless cheerleader starts a cat-fight in the school locker room. There are jocks and school dances and clean-cut teen idols…then prostitution, gun smuggling, and underage sex parties. Weird stuff. It’s like a Department of Education film meets Breaking Bad.

All in all, the film is wildly enjoyable if you like your movies with contrast. It’s wildly painful if you don’t.

FAULTY FACTS– As we said above, Lovely but Deadly comes across as an “after school special”… with a few swear words and topless cheerleaders thrown in to appeal to the teenagers. Honestly, though, you could take out those couple scenes and it’s an episode of School House Rock.

One of our favorites of the many films produced for schools over the years tells the story of a little boy who rarely smiles and is always grouchy because he feels he is not liked. His classmates discover he is a fine musician and help him to realize that others do care for him after all.

It’s a ridiculously silly walk down childhood memory lane. From 1968, Who Cares was produced by the massive educational supply company McGraw-Hill and shown to students everywhere.

Check out Who Cares here

The girls used to meet in the library to plan slumber parties, giggle about boys, and gossip about how much of a slut Peggy was for wearing unpleated jeans.