Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968)

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DIRECTOR– Gerardo de Leon & Eddie Romero

PLOT– Concerned people travel to a secluded island to search for missing family members. Instead, they find a lunatic doctor doing unnatural research on the local flora & fauna.


  1. Oozing Green Blood! Do you love the color green? Do you love medical dramas? Do you love face tumors? Then I’ve got good news, this movie was made just for you!
  2. Angelique Pettyjohn The erstwhile horror temptress soldiers through her mostly mediocre scenes. A messy job considering the script given to her. It’s run-of-the-mill dialogue. However, where Ms. Pettyjohn really shines is when she stumbles upon the previously mentioned oozing green blood. She screams and screams and screams. And then screams some more. She screams as if the Oscar’s had a category for Beat Scream After Seeing An Oozing Green Tumor. It’s a tour-de-force of scream. She is, quite literally, a “scream queen”.
  3. Native Islander Partizzles Seriously, these Filipino locals know how to throw a party….a hip-shakin’, BBQ pork makin’, drum thumpin’, public humpin’ party!
  4. John Ashley’s Hair I love a good 60’s style haircut. Who doesn’t??! The one right in between the conservative NASA buzzcut style and the Woodstock long hair hippie freak style. John Ashley, who plays “Dr. Bill Foster”, is right there, stuck in the middle. Short enough hair as to not offend grandma, but sporting some seriously hairy sideburns that would not be out of place on Ringo circa Yellow Submarine.
  5. Little Shop of Horrors Without revealing too much about the ending, let’s just say Audrey II has a cousin somewhere on a South Pacific island whose also up to no good.

Tune in to watch Angelique Pettyjohn scream her way through a Southeast Asian paradise, stay for the lumpy green zombies!

“In blood-curdling color. We promise. Color. Don’t pay attention to the B&W poster images. It’s in color. Really. We promise.”