Nightmare Weekend (1986)

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RATING– ✮✮✮✮½

DIRECTOR– Henri Sala (as H. Sala)

PLOT– Here’s our best guess… A fatal attack by an unknown hairy creature on a small-town couple prompts a local sheriff (Reb Brown), a government agent (Leilani Sarelle), covert operatives, elite bounty hunters, and a trophy wife (Alissa Koenig) to run around the woods for a while.


  1. computer psychologist puppets
  2. people pushing knobs
  3. killer marbles
  4. sex while playing arcade games
  5. hair combing zombies

REVIEW– What a movie! Nightmare Weekend is such a mess, such a chaotic jumble of scenes, such a clutter of nonsensical dialogue, that the film becomes a supremely weird enjoyable event in spite of itself. The editing is as if the film was cut up into 7 second clips, thrown into a bag, and then reassembled in no discernible order. The script sounds as if it was written by an entity that really has no idea what human conversations sound like. The whole story makes as much sense as a hallucination brought on by strong antibiotics. Here’s a perfect example: there’s a green-haired old man puppet that appears that its sole job is being a digital counselor to emotionally confused teenage girls…and that’s not even the weirdest part of the movie. There’s lots more wild stuff packed into Nightmare Weekend. Watch it for no other reason than to experience a truly unique piece of unintentional cinematic art

FUN FACTNightmare Weekend was shot in Ocala, Florida. It’s a small town just north of Orlando and famous for Silver Springs park… a tourist attraction featuring a natural spring and some gardens. The filming locations around Silver Springs were the gardens themselves and a bar/restaurant/hotel called the Stage Stop. The Stage Stop has been around for decades. Once a family destination for people seeking the wholesome enjoyment of nature at its beautiful best, it has now turned into something quite different… if you get a chance, check out the posts on their Facebook page

DO NOT order the clams from room service at the Super 8 Motel Downtown Cleveland.