Savage Streets (1984)

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RATING– ✮✮✮✮½

DIRECTOR– Danny Steinmann, Tom DeSimone (uncredited)

PLOT– The leader (Linda Blair) of a nice teen street gang named The Satins hunts down the members of The Scars, the bad teen street gang that raped her sister (Linnea Quigley) and killed her pregnant best friend (Lisa Freeman) by throwing her off a bridge.


  1. weird things hanging from people’s ears
  2. 35 year old high-schoolers
  3. bands that didn’t quite make MTV
  4. REALLY, REALLY feathered hair
  5. fabric warehouse thrills
  6. Linda Blair’s eyebrow acting

REVIEWSavage Streets is a classic. A true legendary film in the cult movie circles. And here’s why: Linda Blair. Ms. Blair can act (so can her eyebrows). She does a heck of a job as an underprivileged teen girl filled with angst…and unbridled violence against those who did her loved ones wrong. Stuffed inside her tight costumes, she struts across the screen with a Clint Eastwood swagger while making her enemies suffer. A snarl floats across her lips and an eyebrow raises strategically as each baddie gets what’s coming’ to him. It’s one her best b-movie outings for sure. But don’t overlook some other stars who take on minor roles in this movie. John Vernon makes an appearance as….*drum roll*…a principal. And it’s a hoot. Plus, an All-Star lineup of b-movie queens rounds out Linda’s street gang. There’s Debra Blee from Beach Girls, Lisa Freeman from Friday the 13th, Marcia Carr from Chained Heat, and of course the infamous Linnea Quigley from so many fabulous movies (my favorite being Return of The Living Dead).

FUN FACT– The fabulous Linda Blair isn’t only a wonderful actress, she also a tremendous philanthropic human being. Along with volunteering for numerous charities, she also started The Linda Blair World Heart Foundation, which is responsible for adopting, rescuing and rehabilitating abused and neglected animals from the streets of Los Angeles, as well as over-crowded animal shelters.

Linda Blair… a truly wonderful human being