School Spirit (1985)

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DIRECTOR– Alan Holleb

PLOT– A popular college student dies while frantically searching for a prophylactic. His long-dead pervy uncle is assigned to lead him into the afterlife but gets distracted by a busty hospital worker and loses his nephew. Once free, and now possessing ghostly powers of invisibility, he obviously puts that unique power to good use… he steals a Chrysler, squirts wiper fluid on a blouse, cleans up bedrooms, wears a farm-animal mask, and gives piggy-back rides to over-sexed/under-age teenage girls.


  1. Hog Day celebrations
  2. Foundation Trustees who like to party
  3. Horny dead relatives
  4. Sorority shower day
  5. Cadaver morning wood

REVIEW– Now, I’ve never died before. So I can’t be sure that the writers of School Spirit don’t have the whole death-process correct.

Maybe after you kick-the-bucket you are visited by your creepiest relative. And maybe you can turn invisible simply by making “jazz hands” above your head. And maybe, just maybe, if your ghost gets an erection, then so does your corpse.

However, try as I might, I can’t remember the Pope mentioning anything about angel-boners.

But let’s just say that all that is accurate and the screenplay is 100% correct on the afterlife… here’s the bigger question:

Why is it even in the script?

The entire movie would play out EXACTLY the same if Billy Batson (the dead college student) had not died in the first 5 minutes. It makes no difference at all.

Apparently the only motivation for this recently deceased man to stick around this mortal world the filmmakers could come up with is that he really wants to have sex with a woman.

That’s it… and he gives up on that woman 1/3 of the way into the movie and moves onto a new woman.


School Spirit is not a very good movie.

When he asked for a spell for ridiculous amounts of body hair, Fred was delighted the witch only demanded his right eye.