Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

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PLOT– Billy and his brother Ricky witness their parents being brutally killed on Christmas Eve by a dude in a Santa outfit.

They are sent to an orphanage run by a seriously demented Mother Superior. She does not tolerate any misbehavior by the kids… especially cold-cocking the visiting Santa during picture day…

That’ll get a kid bent over and spanked real quick.

… and Mother Superior better not find you peeking at a young nun exploring her sexual awakening with a visiting milkman in the orphanage’s closet.

Needless to say, this does a serious number on Billy and Ricky’s psyche and pretty soon both of them are harboring some murderous tendencies.

Billy goes on rampage killing every nude girl he can find, but that’s not enough for him… he must kill Mother Superior.

Billy returns but is gunned down before he can put an axe in her habit-covered head… and all this happens in front of his brother Ricky.

It’s a perfect storm of childhood trauma that sends Ricky on his own killing spree… including the woman he says he loves…

… that lands him in the state hospital for the criminally insane where a condescending doctor decides to taunt Ricky…

Not a good idea…

After dispatching the doctor in a stupidly ironic way, Ricky, just like his brother, sets his sights (and his axe) on Mother Superior… who is now an old, wheel-chair bound, disfigured woman.

Where his brother failed, he succeeds… Mother Superior’s head is soon separated from her body and she is reunited with her maker.

Unfortunately, Ricky’s success is short-lived. The police show up and have no patience for an axe-wielding, Santa-costume wearing, nun murdering wacko. They unload a few shotgun rounds into Ricky and he is reunited with his brother in hell.


  1. If Santa asks for help with his car, you better give him some damn help
  2. Being decapitated is the leading cause of death while snow sledding
  3. Never ever try to jump-start your car with your teeth

REVIEW– Call me picky, but when I see a new movie, I expect it to be a new movie.

Literally, half (41 minutes of 86 total minutes) of Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 is footage from the first film Silent Night, Deadly Night.

I’ve been gypped!

Don’t get me wrong, another 41 minutes of Ricky and his eyebrows probably would have lead to my suicide…

…but maybe if the filmmakers actually had to make a feature-length movie, they might’ve tried harder at a story… not only is the first 41 minutes just a rehash of the original film, but the last 45 minutes is almost an exact copy of it also.


Here’s the bottom line on Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2:

It’s really lame… and that’s all you need to know.

Barney Fife: The Bipolar Years.