The Demolitionist (1995)

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DIRECTOR– Robert Kurtzman

PLOT– A female police officer (Nicole Eggert) is brought back from the dead to seek vengeance on a biker gang leader (Richard Grieco) who killed her husband. Little does she know, she’s been set up by the very people who employ her.


  1. urine accidents
  2. evil window-washers
  3. bikers on couches
  4. scrambled eggs in a laboratory
  5. longshoremen in boxers
  6. butt tracking devices

REVIEW– Richard Grieco went for it. Really went for it. His performance in The Demolitionist can best be described as ‘Dennis Hopper-esque’. Every line is an excuse for a snarl, a wicked laugh, or a fist pump.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nicole Eggert’s acting, well, not her finest moment (which might be that time she was visited by UFO’s on Charles In Charge). She does her due diligence, but comes across as unsympathetic in a role designed to elicit compassion from the viewer.
But really, the entire movie seems like an exercise to get Ms. Eggert jumping around in a skin tight latex jumpsuit. And it succeeds. There’s plenty of explosions, fights, shootouts and Nicole in an extremely form-fitting onesie to keep the adrenaline going, but that’s about it.

FUN FACT– Nicole Eggert has lead an extremely diverse life since her Hollywood star has dimmed. Her last starring role was in 2010’s extremely b-grade Turbulent Skies… a few notches down from her Baywatch heyday. She appeared in the reality series Celebrity Fit Club, Tattoo Nightmares, and Botched (yep, it’s a series about bad breasts implants). Her newest venture is off the beaten track… or maybe we should say on the beaten track. After filing for bankruptcy for a third time in 2013, Nicole took matters into her own hands and bought a food truck to drive around Studio City, California. So, if you happen to get the hankerin’ for some ice cream while in the Los Angeles area, and you find the right truck, you may be served some Rocky Road by none other than Summer Quinn from Baywatch. Now that’d be cool!

Nicole Eggert. Melting hearts, not ice cream.