The Executioner Part II (1984)

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RATING– ★★★½

DIRECTOR– James Bryant

PLOT– The war in Vietnam was a horrible moment in history.

It changed the geo-political landscape of Southeast Asia… it changed how the Vietnamese people manage their economy… it changed the policy of the American government…

… it also changed Mike.

Mike saw some bad stuff in Nam… Like the time he was unable to stop one of his Army buddies from floating a little further down a stream…

… that sh!t will f#ck you up, Jackson Pollock!

And now back in the good ol’ USA, a decade later, Mike is having trouble in his everyday life as a mechanic.

He’s being extorted by the mob. His shop is being burglarized by a gang of 30yr-old teenagers. He can’t seem to get a decent hat.

His buddy/former sergeant Roger is now a suave police detective with the stache’iest mustache a stache-wearin’, bully-bustin’, polyester-suit-sportin’ cop ever let grow on his upper lip!

Even worse, Roger has a daughter, Laura, strung out on the cranky funky crunk… and no way to pay for it.

She pleads with her dealer but he makes it perfectly clear he wants either some cheddar or some teen “minnie-vajango”… if ya know what I mean!

He’s not a decent dude.

Add to this the fact that Roger is feeling major heat from his angry-as-hell Police Captain to catch The Executioner… a vigilante running amok and wreaking havoc on the local mob boss by beating up his local dance troupe gang members.

You would think The Executioner is making life easier for the police by ridding the streets of organized crime… but you’d be wrong, Hondo Calrissian!

You see, the Police Commissioner is on the mob’s payroll (they intend to get their money’s worth) and he’s under investigation by a past-her-prime TV news anchor that is unable to pronounce most English words.

Roger, being the astute detective he is, doesn’t miss a thing and soon sees the clues right in front of his face… his buddy Mike is The Executioner.

But Roger is not about to bust his pal and instead lets him loose one last time on the mob boss and his gang before secretly moving Mike to another city.


  1. In 1984, gangs mainly consisted of 30-year-old dudes in cut-off shirts, Olivia Newton-John headbands, and mom jeans
  2. Sure enough, your aunt was right… she got a job at the bar dancing in her gold-sequined, cowboy-fringed, white leather’ette outfit
  3. Television news reporters in Los Angeles do not need to be able to speak English

REVIEWThe Executioner Part II was a sequel…

In the same way that CATS was a sequel…

In the same way that Jonah Hex was a sequel…

In the same way that The Last Airbender was a sequel.

In the same way that Stealth was a sequel.

In other words, it was not a sequel at all… just a terrible movie.

Why is it named The Executioner Part II… when there is no The Executioner Part I…?!??

(as with most questions about B-movies…) Who the hell knows.

But don’t hold that detail against this flick… it’s brilliantly terrible.

Roger is portrayed by a seemingly comatose Christopher Mitchum (the less talented of Robert Mitchum’s two sons… which is saying a lot considering his other son James has the films Monstroid, Hollywood Cop, and Raiders of the Magic Ivory on his incredulous resume).

Mike is played by Antoine John Mottet… a performer that, according to IMDB, went on to play an “actor” in the blockbuster Bruce Lee’s Dragons Fight Back and Arctic Warriors. He doesn’t even get a credit as an unnamed extra, just “actor”… and one can see why when watching this film.

His idea of acting is mumbling, flexing, and not being able to stand still. (which, now that I write this, makes me wonder whether he’s “acting” or he just took to many steroids)

And poor Aldo Ray… he did some really crummy movies towards the end of his career, but this one takes the crappy-cake. Its hilariously/painfully obvious that his lines were filmed in a completely different place & time than the other folks supposedly in the scene with him. All of his lines were delivered in one take. Botched lines, missed timing, and even looking directly at the camera… all of it left in the film.

It’s sad… from John Wayne’s The Green Berets to The Executioner Part II is a true career nose-dive.

As is the norm for crappy-movie-wünderkind-director James Bryan, the whole film is woefully dubbed and the film’s music is the worst I’ve ever heard…

It’s the perfect storm of crappiness… a wonder of the film world that one has to see to believe.

If you love weird flicks (and I’m assuming you do if you’re reading this), you’re gonna be amazed by The Executioner Part II.

Donna finally realized what her mother meant when she warned Donna to not “overdo it”.