The Mighty Peking Man (1977)

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RATING– ✮✮✮½

DIRECTOR– Meng Hua Ho (as Homer Gaugh)

PLOT– A team of Chinese entrepreneurs sets off to find a giant ape-man, known as The Peking Man. The expedition lasts about 3 days before giving up and, inexplicably, abandoning one member in the middle of the night. Luckily, the extremely normal-sized blonde girlfriend of the giant ape-man wants a new boyfriend and rescues the man. They convince The Peking Man to travel with them to Hong Kong. Calamity ensues.


  1. shirtless explorers
  2. jungle love
  3. Tonka trucks
  4. cat testicles
  5. giant gorilla peeping toms
  6. Chinese disco dancing

REVIEWThe Mighty Peking Man should really be called Love…Himalayan Jungle Style. It’s really a terribly sentimental tale about a Chinese Indiana Jones and a blonde Tarzan falling in love. The giant ape-man is just background noise. In fairness, I suppose if your film contains a 100-foot tall gorilla dude smashing all sorts of things, you probably are correct naming the movie after him. But don’t be fooled, from the sappy-yet-catchy love songs playing behind the two lovers as they slow-motion jog through the jungle… to the way all the wild animals celebrate untamed wild Asian intimacy… this is a love story on a gargantuan scale.

FUN FACTThe Mighty Peking Man was produced by The Shaw Brother Studios. The Shaw Brothers were one of the first (and certainly the biggest) studios in China. Equivalent to the MGM Studios in Hollywood, Shaw Brothers not only produced the biggest hits, had the biggest stars, and employed the most talented directors, but the studio practically invented the entire “kung-fu movie” genre. The Mighty Peking Man was one of the studio’s attempts at a more “Western” style themed movie that started in the ’70s. The Shaw Brothers also had a hand in producing the films Meteor and Blade Runner.

It was a sad day when they locked up Sarah Jessica Parker for crimes against nature.