The Raiders of Atlantis (1983)

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DIRECTOR– Ruggero Deodato (as Roger Franklin)

PLOT– Scientists who are secretly attempting to raise a sunken Russian submarine accidentally raise the ancient Aztec Atlantis filled with Asian biker gangs intent on destroying modern society as they bring back the Atlantis lifestyle.


  1. Members Only jackets
  2. scientists who don’t make enough coffee
  3. the beautiful mountains of Miami, Florida
  4. executions by jukebox
  5. Filipinos in leather
  6. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s much less muscled younger brother

REVIEW– Do you like bullets? And fire? And samurai swords? And spears? And grenades? And missiles? And Molotov cocktails? And machine guns? And explosions? And knives? And smoke? And motorcycles? And hot rods? And submarines? And helicopters? And machetes? And blood? And people being shot with arrows through the mouth? And fish bowl helmets? And KISS makeup? And poison darts? And Aztec artifacts with alarms? And scientists in tube socks? And islands in Tupperware? And 70’s gay leather bondage club bouncers? And kidnapping old guys? And unexpected hurricanes? And man-eating wind tunnels? And learning how to spell ‘Mohammad’?

Then The Raiders of Atlantis is the movie for you.

It’s got plenty of all that. Plus more. A lot more. Hangings…decapitations…nuclear warheads…people burned alive… lasers… you name it, this movie has it. They even throw in a weird 2001:A Space Odyssey-like ending.

And although all that sounds like a truly repulsive movie, it’s really not. Most of the stuff is presented in such a ridiculously fake way, that it never feels connected to reality (in fact, it feels more like an alternate universe completely). If you check your rational mind at the door, it makes for a somewhat fun 90 minutes.

FUN FACTThe Raiders of Atlantis’ main villain is a leather-clad, riding crop pounding tough guy. He wears a clear crystal skull on his head. And although nothing in this movie even remotely resembles reality, crystal skulls and ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures have been linked since the mid-1800s. Around that time, an archaeologist named Eugene Boban produced two crystal skulls nicknamed The Mitchell-Hedges skull and The British Museum skull. However, their authenticity is highly suspect.

Boban, a gentleman of dubious reputation, lived in the 19th century and seems to be associated with the appearance of both skulls as well as with a third skull now at the Musee de l’Homme in Paris. Boban operated a business in Mexico for some years that traded in artifacts. Apparently it was Boban that sold the British skull to Tiffany’s. Instead of obtaining the skulls in Mexico, however, it is thought he got them from Germany where they were carved during the 19th century. During that period large amounts of Brazilian quartz crystal were imported and shaped there.

There is certainly evidence that supports the idea that both the skulls came from the same source. One scientist, Dr. G. M. Morant, got to examine what is thought to be the Mitchell-Hedges skull and the British skull together in 1936. He noted the skulls were very similar in many anatomical details. It was his theory that the one in the British Museum might be a slightly rougher copy of the Mitchell-Hedges skull.

The assault that afternoon was lead by budget Arnold Schwarzenegger and Walmart Roy Scheider.