TNT Jackson (1974)

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DIRECTOR– Cirio H. Santiago

PLOT– A Kung Fu mistress and her massive head of hair travel to Hong Kong to search for her missing brother. Once there, she finds out her sibling was mixed up with a drug gang and has gotten himself killed by the gang’s enforcer. Now she’s out for revenge.


  1. Humungous hairstyle gangs
  2. Incredibly bad stunt doubles
  3. Hong Kong Welcoming Committee
  4. Really trusting drug dealers
  5. Braless Kung Fu fighting

REVIEWTNT Jackson is a decent movie… despite it trying real hard to be crappy.

It’s a revenge flick wrapped up in a Kung Fu spectacular. The premise is actually pretty interesting. The sister of a slain man searches for her brother’s killer. She joins the drug gang she believes might have clues to the murder and finds out the killer is none other than her new boyfriend.

They don’t really explore any of the obvious conflicts that would arise from that situation. Still, it’s a neat idea. And it plays out in a fun way. But there are quite a few bumps along the way…

  • The actress who plays “TNT Jackson”, while quite lovely, can’t act a lick. She delivers each line, whether anger or joy, with the same cadence and emotion. At least she looks good doing it, I guess.
  • The fight scenes are wildly silly. Punches don’t even come close to looking like they’re landing. The bad guys seem to know a kick is coming and position themselves to receive it. People fall unconscious with the slightest strike from an enemy.
  • And speaking of the fight scenes, our heroine “TNT Jackson” is played by the actress Jean Bell. She’s a twenty-something tall black woman. For some reason, the director chose a short Chinese man to be her stunt double. I guess I could forgive him if he chose a female stunt double (he did use a similar wig), however the man-package clearly visible in the crotch region of his/her pants really is distracting.
  • The ending… or lack thereof. You see, an ending simply doesn’t exist in this movie. Sure the film stops, but it’s so abrupt, you’ll feel somewhat cheated.

Despite all that (and even more silly parts), it’s still a fun movie. TNT Jackson is about as over-the-top-funky as a 70s movie can get. The soundtrack is wild… the clothes even wilder. And the hair outdoes them both.

And even though I just complained about the ending, the final fight scene culminates in one of the best powerful-woman killings splashed across a movie screen.

Every drink served by Derek that night was garnished with at least one curly black hair.