Voodoo Woman (1957)

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DIRECTOR– Edward L. Cahn

PLOT– A couple of gold diggers hire a washed-up guide to take them to a fabled area loaded with the precious metal. Once there, they encounter a mad scientist and a tribe who have created a mind-controlled hideous monster/blonde bombshell.


  1. Hollywood’s Forgotten Racism “We’re doing it, Chaka. White man’s science and the black voodoo.”… said by a white scientist to a black native in stereotypical “savage” war-paint in the first 15 minutes of Voodoo Woman. It’s mostly forgotten today, mainly because Hollywood wants to sweep it under the rug. but many of those making movies for the first 3/4th’s of the 20th century had little regard for minorities or their history. It showed itself in some surprising and ugly ways.
  2. Blonde-haired Monsters Sure, horns or antennae or a third eye are scary. Heck, even a black wig, ala Satan, conjures some fear. But those responsible for Voodoo Woman went an entirely different direction. Think Creature from the Black Lagoon meets Marilyn Monroe. It’s not scary. It’s not sexy. It’s just plain goofy. Famously, the original makeup for the voodoo creature was considered so bad, they quickly borrowed the monster suit from 1956’s She Creature, threw a blonde wig & a burlap sack on it, and yelled “Action!”.
  3. Monster Film Noir “Tough two-timing women and a creature in a rubber suit fill the island with suspense, intrigue, and blood!” That should’ve been the tagline. It’s really a bizarre concept for a movie. It would not be out of place to see Humphrey Bogart or Robert Mitchum mixing it up with Gloria Grahame or Jane Greer… until you realize this film had a budget equal to one of those stars’ weekly salary.
  4. Jungle Drums Does hacking your way through the jungle brush while head-hunting drums ominously beat louder and louder tickle your fancy? I’ve got good news. 75 of the movie’s 85 minute runtime are filled with mindless drumming. It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on………….. you get the idea.
  5. Bad Bad Girls As fitting its film noir side, Voodoo Woman is filled with delinquent women out to take advantage of desperate men and fulfill their own desires… A gold-digging femme fatale always packing a gun… A crooning island singer using her talents to deceive a creepy “john”… It’s a particularly strange diversion from the average 50’s matinee monster movie.

Voodoo Woman is a fairly boring, yet quite unique film. The creature is incredibly bad, and that in itself makes it fun. Unfortunately, the creature only wreaks havoc in the last 15 minutes.

That’s the scary monster they came up with…..not joking